Saudi rulers camp in Valencia

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah told Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) today (Sunday) that Kuwait affirms «Qatar brothers ready to understand the real concerns and concerns of their brothers and respond to high offices to enhance security and stability.
Sheikh Hamad Al-Sabah expressed looked made for countercharged Emir Sheikh Sabah to reach consensus to calm the situation and address the root causes of conflict and tension in brotherly relations, saying «prepared brethren in Qatar to understand the real concerns and concerns of their brothers and respond to high offices to enhance security and stability.
He said that the State of Kuwait will never abandon its philanthropic efforts will continue to heal and resolve root causes of treatment achieves friction and tension in fraternal relations.
Kuwaiti Foreign Minister noted that the Amir to visit Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar and discussed with other ways of addressing this tension and discord and seeking to contain it from his eagerness to keep these fraternal relationship is strong and consistent support of the March blessed to Arabic Gulf Cooperation Council and State preserves its unity and strengthen their role and status and achieve the hopes and aspirations of the GCC States.
Kuwait expressed appreciation to all States which unanimously support their efforts in this context.
And Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and U.A.E. was issued earlier today, decisions which take into account humanitarian situations of families inter three and Qatar.
Saudi News Agency quoted» (SPA) official source as saying that “further to the statement by Saudi Arabia on cutting relations with Qatar to justifications contained in resolution version and its procedures, and referred to the statement of Saudi eagerness to country people, which is a natural extension and authentic BRO in and part of the aromtha, directing the custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz humanitarian cases into account common country assessment of Saudi families to the country and people that enforce this directive allocated Home Office telephone number (00966112409111) to receive these situations and take appropriate action on them».
Bahrain News Agency said» (us) to King Hamad «ordered taking into account humanitarian situations of joint country Bahrain families for country people, which represents a natural extension and authentic BRO in Bahrain». The Interior has allocated phone number to receive details of these cases and take appropriate action.
Quotes «» UAE News Agency (WAM) source as saying: «in UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to observe the humanitarian situations of joint country-Emirati families an appreciation for country people. Pursuant to the Ministry of the Interior allocated routes
AGI, said Amir efforts «» Kuwait to patch up the Gulf, received support internationally as tilrson Rex announced in previous comments about us support for the endeavours and the mediation efforts of Sheikh Sabah to reach a peaceful solution to the Gulf crisis, saying «yes we will support these mediation efforts with the Emir of Kuwait.
Meanwhile, Italy announced its support for the efforts of mediation and good offices Kuwait dialogue to defuse tension in the Gulf, Foreign Minister anglino alvano said in a statement that “Italy reaffirms the need to stop the escalation and provide space for mediation in GCC itself».
In turn, the European Union announced its support for the endeavours of the Prince of Kuwait, as high representative for foreign and security policy in the Union statement earlier moghirini Federica support full Union of Kuwait Emir’s mediation efforts to defuse tension in the Gulf region.
So, I mentioned the “Spa” Crown second Deputy Premier and Defense Minister Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, received a call today from the American Secretary of State. It was reviewed bilateral relations and discussed developments in the region.
She added that “joint efforts were reviewed in the fight against terrorism and extremism, and in combating the financing of terrorist organizations seeking to achieve security and stability in the region.
In the same context, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said today, that Powell and his Turkish counterpart tylerson born chaoosh oglu discussed developments in the dispute between Qatar and Syria and Arab countries by telephone late Saturday night. The sources did not provide more details of the connection.
In Tehran, officials said today that Iran sent today four cargo planes loaded with food to Qatar, is planning to supply 100 tonnes of fruit and vegetables a day, amid fears of shortages after it was supplying countries Qatar broke off the bulk of its imports, her relationship with her.
Qatar held talks with Iran and Turkey to secure supplies of food and water after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Egypt and Bahrain relations with Doha because its support of terrorism.
Agency «Persia» news on the Director General of public relations at the Iranian airline Shah at Abadi as saying on «in the wake of sanctions on Iran, Qatar Airways quoted food and vegetables to that country on four trips.
Agency «TASNEEM» News Director industries and business and trade in the territory of Persia to understand today, saying that the planes carrying food to Qatar from Shiraz in southern Iran, the «100 tons a day will make fruits and vegetables to Qatar.
And livestock exporters Association President in Iran today, they believed 66 tons of meat to Qatar in the last two days. Agency «Persia» about Mansour Burian say «we send 90 tons of meat in the next week.
Qatar was inhabited by 2.5 million, imports 80 percent of the food needs of its neighbours in the Gulf before the break.

Source: Alhayat