Saudi Minister: members of the Government and charities and diplomat accused of oil smuggling.

< Saudi Minister for Shura Council on lists hundreds of companies and institutions (public and private) and individuals charged with oil smuggling.
State Minister and Cabinet Member for Shura Council Affairs Dr Mohamed Bin Faisal Abu stalk sorry to exploit people’s diplomacy and charitable establishments in oil smuggling, noting that lists and statistics in so long. (More)
Abul attending leg meeting of the Shura Council yesterday (Tuesday) was pleased with the Board’s approval of the amendments by the Government on a number of articles of the draft petroleum products trading system issued by the Shura Council resolution would number 151/77 and 24/2/1436, who returned to the Council amendments by the Government pursuant to article 17 of its Statute.
Economics and Energy Committee thanked the Council members for their understanding of the amendments made by the Government on draft regulations, confirming his intention to attend the meetings of the Council when found need his presence, so as to reduce the disparity between the Government and the Council, and views on a number of files.
Undertook Abu leg to work all contribute to the effective operation of SC in the legislative and regulatory would, noting the large consensus between the Government and the Council.
The Member said that dossari’s successor in petroleum products trading system may not have value after a year, required to rearrange articles in line with the Vision 2030 Kingdom, otherwise the system will lose its value, adding to the sale of petroleum in the international price would crush the smuggling of products.