Saudi Aramco launches awareness campaign «remember» to prevent fires


Amid a large turnout Aramco fired fire prevention Department yesterday afternoon endroit awareness campaign under the banner of historical (male) to prevent fires before they fought in their efforts to educate all segments of society from Yanbu citizens and members of their families with a view of the evil fire safety culture and preservation of property and in our everyday lives and publish all modern, sophisticated methods that ensure first in the prevention of fires in homes and shops protect property and earnings home. , And enhance society’s ability to address early risk before it happens.

It came through m displayed on a large area of 1500 m 2, where the exhibition has five sections, the first section is a future fireman child is resigned at the fire station, the second section highlights (where the Director for adults and for children), section III (enter or exit), while section 4 a (remember) for adults and children, in the body of the fifth section (challenge firefighters) for disasters when they occur.

This diverse exhibition will continue until next Tuesday 13 ongoing Sha’ban through him for five days for visitors from 5:00 pm to 10:30 p.m., targeting all segments of society in Yanbu.

The exhibition is expected to receive a big turnout of sons and families and visitors to the province it is keen to educate visitors of all age groups young and old to use education to entertainment to raise awareness of fire hazards and control methods.

Saudi Aramco seeks through the implementation of such campaigns to reduce the number of home fires and minimize the consequent damage and injuries, and through the delivery of its activities to the greatest possible number of children weroar Yanbu and their captives both fire protection and hold her before.

The Saudi Aramco have a track record and a supervisor by implementing such awareness programs to maintain safety assets where already and that a similar campaign in Aramco, Eastern region came in conjunction with the world civil defense day in March by his Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Naif Prince of the eastern region, which attract more than 50 thousand visitors in Dhahran also saw the Roadshow Corniche area skirts County also informed the public turnout more than n 17200 Visitors.

Photo captions

1-2 – swab – training children and their families to extinguish house fires are up and interest of all segments of society in Yanbu.