Saudi Arabia: thwart the smuggling of weapons coming from Yemen


confirmed the official spokesman for the Mujahideen branch management area # Jazan Khalid Kuziez, that the Mujahideen patrols foiled the smuggling of weapons and ammunition coming from the process of # Yemen, tried to enter # smugglers Saudi Arabia.
According Kuziez for “Arab” that during the background of the Mujahideen security sector patrols to its work in Jebel Acharmh # Aldair border province, I noticed a group of people trying to sneak into Saudi Arabia illegally, what necessitated it to deal with them as required by the situation.
Kuziez noted that patrols were able to respond to them, what caused them to flee, and access to their site was found on the amount of # Aloslhh_walzjerh live numbered 20 pistol and 40 store and 1,300 live rounds of Kalashnikov weapons.