Saudi Arabia tells the story of the death of her son in her hands and appeals to other rescue


Grdt Twitter: “accept the blessings and congratulations that God is honored to be my son Muthanna a martyr Mbtona cancer, and there is no consolation, and congratulations in the courtyard of the Prophet ‘s Mosque” .. With these words the adjective # Vatmh_aldosri, her son # Almtny_suedan, the owner of the 6 years, and infected with # cancer.
Fatima accused the father of # Muthanna in the murder for causing her son, claim Bmhacpth, where the father refused as she said, her son travel abroad for treatment when she was a child if # allow it, especially as it is sentenced to “10 years in the case of terrorism.”
Confirmed Fatima’s “Net” they do not want the other for her son , the owner of the five and a half years to meet the fate of his brother, as he suffers from the problems of the bones, and also the irregular sugar, baby younger can not travel outside of # Saudi Arabia with his maternal uncles, so father refused to give him approval travel, ” in addition to refusing to open a bank for children account under the pretext of usury and could not benefit from government allocations, in addition to his opposition to study the grounds that it Tagotah, which led to the deterioration of the psychological condition of the child because of being forced to stay companion to his brother Muthanna cancer patient, and his mother for 3 years between hospitalization and the frequent entry of emergency. ”
Fatima noted that what happened to her child was a crime committed by the father , ” the doctor” the right of her child, pointing out that “every human life is worth,” and that “extremism and atonement and terrorism” practiced by the father of her child on the innocent , “without being stopped by the judge.”
On the day of the death of Muthanna, Fatima said: “I prayed, God was invited to connect to my heart and help me to help him that necessitated it, and bear parting my son that passed away and I’m next to him. Then I went to the hospital and charged with me Zamzam water and entered him and washed his face with water and poured a little of it in the tube Mosul stomach, and whispered to his ear that echoes “that God relieve him,” and is only moments and died. ”
Then, Fatima went to extract the burial procedures and the Bngsal her son, and go him to Medina and burial in the cemetery of Baqi, saying it had done all this alone because the people outside Saudi Arabia, and the lack of positive role of the people of her divorced husband.
Child Muthanna # Suwaidan story back to 3 years when he discovered an injury to “brain tumor”, and underwent eradication at King Khalid University Hospital, then was transferred to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in # Riyadh to get # Alalaj_alkemiaoa and radiation.
Fatima showed that the hospital told her that there is no longer # cure the child ‘s condition only palliative care and pain relief, and that there is outside the child ‘s status experimental treatments, so she searched for treatment and found available in research centers in Europe and America, but under the drawback is the # Azn_ambassr baby.
Although it managed to get a divorce instrument # and # custody of her son Muthanna and his brother with difficulty, but the custody decision was accompanied by a decision to ban children to travel outside the Kingdom. And this Fatima said: “my suffering and the suffering of my son worsened after the maze of divorce, custody , and conditions associated with and which led to the delay in his treatment and his condition deteriorated due to the procedures and the length of the legal follow – ups.”
And her family confirmed that her family often travel outside Saudi Arabia, and they tried to obtain permission to travel at least for younger children to help her in child care, but the decision to prevent him from traveling anyway without it.