Saudi Arabia plans to launch the first network for the followers of religions and cultures in the Arab world

< The Secretary-General’s statement to the King Abdullah International Center of dialogue among faiths and cultures Faisal bin Abdulrahman bin Muammar, Saudi Arabia plans to launch its first “network of followers of religions and cultures in the Arab world, to promote common humanity based on respect for diversity and coexistence, security and peace-building between all the components of society and maintain the foundations of corporate citizenship, the beginning of 2018, adding that King Abdullah International Centre for dialogue between faiths and cultures is planning to hold a high-level Conference, at the beginning of next year 2018, Thereon.
In his speech, during a Conference «responsibility of religions for peace», which was held from 22-23 May (May), in the German capital Berlin, the German Foreign Minister opened the actors of Sigmar Gabriel, in the presence of more than 100 competent institutions for dialogue and senior clergy from around the world, representing 53 countries, «the importance of deepening cooperation among all segments of society, individuals and religious institutions and political decision makers in the world, to find a comprehensive and practical solutions to the various manifestations of violence and extremism, Unrequested might inculcate the values of coexistence and peace.
Said: «that comprehensive solutions are more likely to be sustainable or long-lasting, because they take into account the religious and ethical values and societal customs and traditions in their various forms, this approach can enable religious leaders to help policymakers facing intellectual and religious extremism and terrorism, adding that «the encounters and research studies that causes extreme gap between individuals and religious institutions and policymakers, and interview with ideological extremism in communities that separates religion and politics».
Ibn Muammar, pointed out during the Conference-Saudi News Agency-the experience of the Centre in the field of interfaith dialogue and peace projects in cooperation with religious leaders and political decision makers. Explaining that 80 percent of the world’s population have a religious affiliation, and to focus on common visions on areas that promote these visions, in terms of communication and understanding of cultural and human scale, will have an impact, no doubt, read the various issues in a systematic dialogue and interaction of knowledge.