Samsung: Galaxy s 8 orders exceeded s 7


Sol – Reuters said Koh Dong Jin prime activities of mobile phones Samsung Electronics company said Thursday that advance orders for the new Galaxy s phone 8 exceeded previous orders as well as 7 indicating that lots of customers not panic the incidents of burning Galaxy phone notebook 7 last year.

And of course put the phone s 8 for sale in South Korea and the United States and Canada as of April 21, will play a pivotal role in the South Korean company recovered rapidly after dragging Nott 7 devices market.

The new model was welcomed and some investors and analysts said that the company had achieved record sales during its first year giant.

Koh said in a press statement. “it’s still early, but the initial reaction from the prior purchase orders that started in various places throughout the world was better than expected.” And added NS-8 would be the safest category of phone Galaxy so far thanks to the security measures in place to prevent damage to the battery causing it to burn some phones not 7.

Analysts expect Samsung’s quarterly earnings better recorded during the period between April and June, sales support as well as strong market boom and 8 memory chips that are expected to achieve record revenues for the sector this year.

The new model arched screen size 5.8 inches or 6.2 inches (14.73 cm or 15.75 cm) and larger screen at all between Samsung phones thanks to redesigned form.

Koh said that the company plans to use MSN 8 recovery in China where no Samsung among the top five companies to sell mobile phones in recent years because of increased competition with local firms such as Huawei, adding that Samsung will seek to regain market share in China even if it takes time, but he did not mention specific strategies.