Salafis and correct concept. “. Lecture by Shaykh “Invincible” blonde University


The University hosted the blonde, actress in intellectual awareness unit on Sunday, Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Manea; to deliver a lecture entitled: “the Salafis and correct concept,” as one unit to fight extremism and deviant ideology, promoting the values of citizenship in students.
Sheikh Abdullah addressed the invincible in his lecture to talk about the Salafis and correct concept, revealed the fact of he followed fighting this Prophet’s curriculum, and to clarify the Central curriculum as stated in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, Sheikh Abdul-Wahab Mohamed renovated by the mercy of Allah, to advocate and support of Imam Mohamed Bin Saud founder Allah’s mercy, which State built blessed and you publish it and defend religion and faith.
The Sheikh spoke of “Invincible” to deny the right to ancestral method number of fads and sharee’ah, which came in a number of doctrines and the difference since Mohamed message Allah bless him and even our time.

Shaykh: Allah’s Messenger Allah bless trespassing upon him to commit what it was he and his companions upon difference and separation; it must be situated as occurred told Allah bless him and grant him salvation, it is what it was the Prophet Allah upon him and his companions, and this band is saved from the fire.
For his part, the Director of the University of khozaim, Dr Awad bin blonde Laura to host University for a man of senior scholars, came to listen to his advice and guidance for us and for our children to edit the term Salafi and adjust the real sense, and indicate the great responsibility incumbent upon every citizen jealous, of the need to protect Islam and its people and defend its tanks.
He pointed out that there is a responsibility on every Professor and advocate spreading Salafist concept; according to the book of Allah and the Prophet Allah bless him and to correct the concepts which urged many lost sons and daughters need to circumvent the honest scientists; understanding lifeline after Allah almighty in detecting suspicious suspicious calls owners erosion.

He said that Saudi Arabia Islam mother and refuge since its inception, unification leader in Arabic and Islamic nation service, is founded on pure Islam understood, as stated in the book and the year; that Charter which had a big impact in adopting State blessed to moderation, spreading his methodology and his defense; they are right Allah victory State and religion and the best collection of the word nation, and spent it on the causes of corruption and the security of the country and the people.
It should be noted that this lecture is one of the programmes and activities of intellectual awareness unit University of blonde, which means fighting extremist ideology and strive to promote the values of national affiliation and loyalty through the development of programmes to address these ideas, warning of destructive curriculum deviation advocates, intensify efforts in mine risk education, and a warning from both undermine constants and national cohesion, and everything that threatens the security and stability of the country.