After the safe areas. Fox News: Russia bluffing and ballistic evidence.


“Pentagon” continued Russian moves statement in Syria a few days after signing the Convention escalatory areas described by us media as “deception;” where she works on the ground in strengthening the Assad regime forces and his militia in preparation for the upcoming battles.

Fox News channel revealed “America in a report quoting sources at the Pentagon, that Russia sent military equipment included military guns and sophisticated ballistic missiles and air defense systems, in an effort to battle new futuristic against Syrian opposition.

The report added: while Lavrov; a dialogue with u.s. officials, under her talk about escalation areas send Russia signals contrary to what you state; these weapons shipments come after days of Russia claimed that the agreement aims to reduce escalation.

Report: dozens of new guns to the port of Tartus in Syria, more than 20 new guns from the quality or 30 during the last few days. According to officials at the Pentagon, military officials said that that does not happen by people who claim they want to cut “!

Us military sources have increased that Russia sent a plane no 50 of early warning, the large military base in Syria, according to u.s. military satellites monitored. It is expected to reach Russian rocket variety later this week.

U.s. military sources said they had been monitoring the Russian s-21 missiles for s-400 air defense system, where that system is expected to double within Syrian territory.

Putin has announced that December; ordered to reduce military presence in Syria, but that did not happen where the dozens of aircraft and helicopters on the Syrian base, and that Moscow sent two months later-developed ballistic missiles with a range of up to 100 miles, according to a Fox News report.