Russian security official arrested for recruiting «ISIS»


The Russian Federal Security Service Office in the Republic of audighia, a member of the Russian Federation, the arrest
A citizen of one of the Central Asian republics, in charge of recruitment to terrorist activity.
«Tass news agency reported, citing the FSB on audighia, the information available suggests that
Targeted recruitment, which is related to the former leader, halimov Gul Murad in special forces.
The Tajik Interior Ministry, who swore loyalty to the terrorist organization of ISIS, and has since become a leading organization in the year 2015,
He participated in combat operations in Syria.
He said the Federal Security Service’s press office in Maikop, capital of audighia, that the detainee had intended to
Communication with halimov in Syria, and had plans to travel there at the end of April (April)».
Russian security confirmed a criminal case against the detainee who did not disclose his name, draws his charges.
Under the Russian Criminal Code paragraph about «contributing to terrorist activity. The Security Authority said that nearby
Halimov was recruiting believers who frequented the mosque area seat mokaiski in audighia, and sends them to the
Syria to participate in combat operations into «ISIS». Found in the detainee’s mobile phone articles
Promotional nature of the radical ideology, as well as visiting online sites, which show that he was
He intends to travel to Turkey. And confirms that «the detainee admitted his guilt, and that recruitment for (ISIS), and
Search operations continued to investigate the cause of this ongoing citizen».
It should be noted that elements of the Federal Security Service, in cooperation with the Interior Ministry forces were able in a month.
March (March) past foil secret terrorist cells activity in the Republic of audighia in the Copan region South
Russia. Most members of the cells of the Central Asian republics, and mosques for recruitment
Terrorist organizations. Security managed to identify the leader of the terrorist cell, was found in possession of a weapon and materials
Explosives and ammunition and extremist literature and instructions on how to set up IEDs, and a large sum of money.
On another, she told Russian media that the Saint Petersburg Court on six charges people sent in
Cause of the suicide bombing that rocked the Saint Petersburg Metro on April 3, killing 15 Palestinians
And believed that a young man named John greater access galilov, Kyrgyz assets, and holds Russian citizenship. It should be
Indicate that the Russian security, was arrested six suspects in the city of Petersburg, under the crackdown
In the city after the bombing in the Metro.
Was found in the apartment was rented by a number of defendants in the city on a homemade explosive, similar to those that
It blew galilov in the Metro, another bomb had been placed in other metro station. Security also arrested accused
Others in Moscow suspected of masterminding the bombing in the Metro, providing various forms of assistance
Bomber galilov. Kommersant newspaper said» quoting an informed source, that all six detainees in
Petersburg reject the charges against them.