A Russian scientist reveals the most powerful home remedy known to mankind...

A Russian scientist reveals the most powerful home remedy known to mankind for treating cancer


He sees a large number of people as the Russian Mermerski Hristo world as home recipe revolutionary cancer treatment. This recipe is the home cleaning blood vessels and treat the heart and strengthen the immune system and cleans the liver and kidneys as they improve memory and protect heart m heart attacks and are the best natural recipe for dealing with all types of cancer. Professor marmarski said in one of his lectures: “it’s food for a full body treatment for cancer treatment. Ingredients 15 sour lemon 12 share fresh garlic 1 kilo of honey natural 400 g of wheat grain the plant 400 g of walnuts التهييئ way? Place the wheat in a large bowl. Pour water over it and leave it overnight. After a 12-hour row grain and wash it then described again. Place the grains of wheat after drying in the bowl and leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours sttenbet beads. Help crush walnuts and wheat garlic wehsos ancestry. Squash-fold 5 lemons sour with potato and then add it to the mixture of wheat ancestry. Squeeze the limes the other ten sour and add lemon juice to the mix. Mix the ingredients until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Add honey and stir with a wooden spoon and then place the mixture in a jar put it in the fridge. Leave the mixture tentka 3 days before using. Amortization method

Take a teaspoon or two tablespoons before breakfast and lunch and before bed. If you take this mixture to cure cancer, take them two tablespoons light every two hours.

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