Russian nuclear weapons of comparable quality (photos)


The world revealed Evgeny vidosov, Scientific Director of the Research Institute for air guns, media, it was a new rocket launcher creation bombs and rockets “strategic Tu-160 or 2” called “x-PD.

And beats the new missile missile x-101 “used by the Russian air force at present, it is known that x-101 missile, can carry 400 kilograms of explosives to a distance of 3000 km, can carry nuclear device that is lighter than other other explosives, to five thousand five hundred kilometres.

And rocket x-PD, can fly for longer distance, which allows the rocket launcher to fire their missiles without entering the effectiveness of antidepressants.

General Yuri Borisov, Deputy Defense Minister of Russia, “the Defense Ministry intends to seek 50 Tu-160 or 2.
Estimated per-rocket x-PHP “to carry a nuclear warhead with the capacity of 200 kilotons at least, so the 600 rocket will carry the destructive capacity of 120 megabytes total b tonnes, it can destroy all NATO military installations on the European continent or destroy the United States.

Russian forces also will receive “tsirkon” much faster audio, fifth generation fighter t-50 “MiG-35 fighter jets and air defense systems s-500 bromitih” tank “t-14 Armata” korghanates “armour” and “Boomerang”, a new weapons and equipment than the efficiency of existing weapons and equipment.

And named the new weapon called “particle beam weapon, a particle accelerator that generates wealth overwhelming alhidergin atoms and nuclei Proton.

Another kind of weapon derives its unwavering advocates “plasma weapons”, summed up the basic function in creating impenetrable obstacles in front of the attacking missile warheads in the Earth’s atmosphere.

It is expected that these weapons when used to give superiority in repelling enemy missiles that explode when colliding with plasma obstacle as if they hit impenetrable concrete.

In contemporary Russia became possible to produce such kind of weapons, thanks to technology.

The “particle beam weapons, could be on the list of State 2018-2025 years development.