Russian Defense Ministry denies reports of clashes between the Syrian army and armed opposition in the governorate of Hama


The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday: “until the end of the first 24 hours of the start zone note effect loosening the escalation, all parties to the conflict situation (in Syria) as stable.

The Ministry stressed that the Syrian Government forces suffered approximately 1 Lille 5 on 6 May, to shooting by militants using small arms in the village of zlakiat in the governorate of Hama.

She continued: “there will be no open flames of anti-Russian reconciliation status sent Syria a request to the Turkish side to determine if those militants are following to the Syrian opposition or terrorist groups.

After the Turkish side confirmed that the militants belonged to factions “Jan” (the editorial Sham), was answered and silence score shooting, according to the Russian defense.

It is said that Syria’s four escalation relief areas covered by note Astana-4 is edleb and some parts of neighboring districts Latakia, Hama, Aleppo, and areas in northern province of Homs, Eastern ghouta Damascus and daraa and Kinetra.

And he started working on the application of the memorandum of understanding signed between escalation relief zones Russia, Turkey and Iran, the guarantors of the truce agreement of Syria, began at midnight on Saturday 6 May, but the note will enter into full implementation by June 4/next June, after the end of the guarantors of the four zoning for six months extendable.