Russian Cavalry “waiting patiently in the air for the first time on board the” Su-30 “SM


Interestingly in the process anzgha “Russian Knights”, it required the crews to approach the “flying tank” to a distance of 20 meters and a length of hose needed to supply Su-30 SM and other fuel.

As the Russian Knights joined operation “,” formation of mixed air crews join fighters Su-34 “and” Su-35 “, and” MiG-31 interceptors, bringing the total number of fighters involved 20 aircraft.

It should be noted that air refueling, a necessity for crews of fighters, bombers and airplanes of mastery, to serve the expansion of the air group and distance travelled to intercept enemy aircraft and winged missiles, destroying his goals on home soil before he realizes he or Russian airspace.

“Su-30” Design Bureau Sukhoi, produced by the Irkutsk factory for the aircraft industry, where he received the Russian weather weapon in 2012 on the first batch.

“Su-30”, with a network radar and engines can be grabbed direction control, and modern smart weapons allow them to monitor and destroy 10 air and ground targets at once at a great distance and high accuracy.

Specifications of “Su-30” tactical and tactical:

The weight of the aircraft at takeoff 26090 kg

5270 kg fuel reserves

Maximum range of fly 3000 miles

Maximum range to airborne refueling after aviation 5200 km

Maximum speed Mach 2

The highest altitude to fly 17300 meters.

Source: RT and

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