Russia requires the approval system on us observers in «quiet»


Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, that the participation of representatives of the United States in the control
«Quiet» in Syria is possible, but the approval of Damascus. Since the «TASS agency» about Bogdanov as saying
Yesterday he «early talk about American involvement, the whole must be on the compatibility with the Syrian side.
Because Syria is a sovereign State, has the lead, and this must of course be consulted there consent»
American participation in surveillance» as he put it.
On the other hand, Bogdanov coupled with Russian to resolve differences between Washington and Tehran, especially around
Combining drug use by Iran and the United States.
Syria. Having said that it is too complex “
Another side with the Syrian crisis», «the United States practically welcomed talks Astana, said what
It means good Conference Astana Iran’s bad, and they’re appreciative of Russian and Turkish roles but for Iran
They say it’s non-constructive policy in the region cannot be idolized bye way».
After introducing this scene to the US position of Iranian role in the region, said Bogdanov: «of course
There are discrepancies and problems, and this requires political and diplomatic efforts, we will continue to work on this.
Direction». The memorandum signed by the three guarantor States for the «Administration» about Astana talks
«These include loosening zones» escalation issues within those areas. And his «they require
More depth and accuracy including participation of observer States in the process of Astana», explaining
«I mean the United States and Jordan.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister was unable to provide a guarantor States vision (Russia and Turkey and Iran) to nature
Institutions which stabilises «escalation relief zones», but he said in answering a question about it.
«Floating a lot of issues, it seems to me, for the administration of those areas after the Elimination of groups
The terror there». He noted that «talk revolved around local boards, but after
It said that the Councils should not be a substitute for the “legitimate authorities”, referring to the system
Sory. Then repeated that «Russia see in addressing terrorism along the ceasefire between the opposition
And the forces of order, a major task in Syria.
Talk about the US role Bogdanov «escalation relief areas» comes a day after the Minister talks
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Washington with his us counterpart Rex tilrson, President Donald
Trump. Lavrov was following those talks has convinced the United States ‘ ability to contribute to
Very active
Those areas in Syria, he said: «we today on concern that the United States play a role
In this matter». He added: “they (start from
These issues. It seems to me that the Americans are interested, too.
Americans) will play the role of the entrepreneur in the process».
The Russian Foreign Minister said Russia welcomed the US role “bye in escalation in relief zones
«We are ready to cooperate, and today we discussed specific ways and mechanisms, we can control it
Syria», explaining
», He pointed to a common understanding with the US side regarding geographical criteria for zones
And managed together.
That such areas should
An American
Stress relief in Syria. He also said that there are
A step to stop the violence throughout the country, and will help resolve humanitarian issues, and create
For a political settlement.
The foundations
In return, has not made any clarification on the US side on cooperation with Russia on the issue of «regions
Relieve escalation» but that us officials had earlier indicated they study note
Signed by the three guarantor States in Astana, they saw whether it will affect the situation or not.
For the record, the idea of establishing such zones still raises including United Nations body. And yesterday he said
Jan Egeland, Deputy UN Envoy Staffan de Mistura to «Russia and Iran and Turkey officials told us they
Actively and openly work with the United Nations in implementing the memorandum, escalation relief areas and added:
«We have a million questions, and concern, but I don’t think that we can allow ourselves the luxury of turning away from the note. We need
To achieve success. It is currently being debated in Geneva to clarify who will run, will supervise
On security, commitment and guarantees to secure the crossing of humanitarian aid there.