Royal Commission for Jubail education programme called challenge and launch.


The educational services Department launched a Royal Commission for Jubail program (challenge and zapping) within its strategic plan for the development of learning environment and enrich students ‘ knowledge and improve their collections; educational program tutorial to provide remedial programs for students from elementary grades class in primary school.

The programme aims to raise the level of academic achievement for students who have not passed the threshold criteria, and help them to achieve psychological and social compatibility with the school environment and society, and improve the learning environment by finding greater coherence between groups of students in the class, with an opportunity for parents to have a greater role in supporting educational and therapeutic services for their students.

The program begins with the pass students survey for minimum standards in my language, and diagnostic scanning them, then analyze the results, and build them divides students into three groups: a group join the program (they are students who got less than 70% of the total score), and the group is converted into student guidance for study reasons for not passing (they are students who got over 70%), while the third group join in the learning disabilities program.

Passing two program runs during the second semester, since the first stage of primary skills that include student knows different movements and forms of letters, read and spell the words, copied correctly, with some language skills as Al and tanwin Lunar, solar, walmdod, dictate words trilogy of memory near and far.

Whereas the second stage of the program include the teacher with his students from letters to words, and then sentences and texts, even up to read the pieces and lessons, and touches on a weekly basis to teach language skills, spelling test.

The educational services Department has set up a special curriculum program through print number of books dealing with targeted skills, as an interactive electronic programme launched a student through leveraging its contents at school and at home, as the program enriched collection of cartoon films produced specifically for it, contains stories and support skills address style fits the age for primary grade students.

The programme is implemented “challenge and launch in 7 elementary schools, continuation of educational supervision, through direct supervision and field visits, accompanied by progress calendar and final stand on the development of students ‘ performance targets, as each school shall prepare a final report on the implementation of the program including visualizations and proposals to develop the program.