After the Royal command. “Salman”: leadership respond to citizens looking for comfort


He said Sheikh Mansour Salman, Imam and preacher of Jish with architecture, Janna governorate, to the Arab spring rebellions in several countries aimed at regime change; for a corrupt decisions in those States, and the results were negative for people more positive ones.

He added: the people of his Kingdom wise leadership in policy change and keep up with the times of the people benefit, especially in the face of hostile international media Kingdom who aspires to distinguish between leadership and people, but failed miserably because they were wise kept pace with change, looking for what is best for its people at all levels, how much changed and rendered decisions world sophistication surprised, at the highest levels in the State in sacking a Minister found it incompatible with the nature of his position in order to ward off evil, perhaps even arrived. To hold judges from spoilers.

Sheikh “Salman” that the country’s leaders of change decisions motivated by caring for the interests of the citizen, the return of financial rewards taking care of them and provide tests for students who frequent them hype about Ramadan, and unwilling to fight the tests, called the response of the wise and delight and pleasure on the students, and make the month worship calling to dwell on obedience and strip it of self exams, even decisions on behalf of the Princes of princes care defended areas areas for achieving the citizen’s wishes, as are AHL, throwing the weight on Prince Without relaxing Emir Vice fatigue that region, where heavy in the management area, wise decisions as a result of listening to Prince closely and citizens need help, and this is what I aspire chancelleries; in order to this country and land in response to the Arab spring owners who b most fail, and became their peoples between the hammer and anvil.

He continued: we praise Allah in this country and land on wise leadership hear the opinion of its people, and consult with a dedicated to his care.

Finally, we ask Allah to make security and safety in this country; under the wise leadership of monarch, Crown, Crown and Crown, and everyone who wants to harm this nation and its people to up to his tricks, he’s responsive.