Riyadh: six citizens and displaced have 25 robbery.


Media spokesman told the Riyadh police Colonel Fawaz Al maiman in light of security plans designed to detect cases of theft of pharmacies and stopped pedestrians and engage workers in shops and steal their money and belongings at gunpoint and locks for external stores and grab what was inside.

The Criminal Investigation Department and police search the area to develop security plans to overthrow the culprits and planting confidential sources among suspects in places that are usually the scene of suspicious groupings, according to the measures taken to link directories indicated formation of eight people to stand behind the number of such crimes, and field efforts yielded caught respectively in ambushes Court (six Saudis and others were aged two and three decades) and hearing acknowledged committing 25 robbery. It spread to some videos across social networking sites has recorded surveillance cameras at the sites and their words match what is recorded in the record of the number of communications provided the capital Riyadh distributors roles and erased from the loot among themselves and subsequently directed to sites that they steal them.

Al maiman noted that reservation to offenders under complete investigation and see how similar issues suspects against the unknown and restricted notice BIP branch in Riyadh as a prelude to bringing them to justice to get their reward for deterrent they make it.