Riyadh Gallery travel. “. Price terror events destinations determine postpone resolution


Cinematographer: Fayez frozen yogurt: the audience is the first player in determining destinations this summer, at Riyadh international exhibition for travel which ends today exist many Arab and international tourist agencies, working on the tourism map inside Saudi Arabia, the Saudi public urged to go during the summer 2017.

In a surprise increase attendance dramatically managed public that specifies the preference, the opposite of the high demand for certain destinations after discounts and various programs.

Saad çáôñíïå, Director of one of the branches of the Bank of Riyadh: more than what pulled me into this wonderful state of Bosnia and exhibition programmes, and had booked two weeks I and my family in the coming, God willing.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Al Qahtani pointed out that govern his decision to travel is the price, and after visiting the show decided to travel to Bosnia or Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

Oluchi said the manufacturer one reception Manager Riyadh hotels to big turnout on the global hotel reservations at the fair is due to reduced prices posed by those hotels, noting that he had chosen Cairo first for vacation, but after the events of yesterday decided to amend his choice for Tunisia; for summer vacation in Shawwaal next; because of low prices and quality services.

Mindy shaibani estimated that technical engineer turnout relatively large travel, pointing out that justice of Egypt to Turkey, because of recent events.

He is called Nayef Al Zahrani Imam University that it was not yet time to select destinations, especially after the terrorist attacks that hit Egypt today, said: maybe things will change, but I prefer Dubai.

For his part, says the Ambassador of Tunisia to Saudi Arabia Lotfi Ben gaied his country is currently experiencing a boom in receiving tourists from all over the world, have increased the demand for tourism in Tunisia to 33%, noting that his country is preparing to receive tourists particularly Saudis who prefer a distinctive medical tourism Tunisia, comes second only to France.