Rise of radical groups concern the moderates in Indonesia


Stop alkathath Mohamed, leader of the nation of Islam Forum», in the middle of February (February) in the
Top of the Mall fast-food restaurants; and combined with key aides, and took the trend shows
The secular Democrat, said that Canon will
Should go in Indonesia which are relatively
Is the law applicable to the Earth, and will isolate the non-Muslims of their leadership, and will cut the hands
The limits of Islamic law. He also criticised the Joko Widodo, Chief of the pluralistic Indonesia
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But Muslims did not understand reality».
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Saying: “not a Muslim
Six weeks later, alcasas was arrested on charges of treason, accused of plotting a coup. However,
During the runoff election Jakarta Governor seat on April 19 (April), enables the preferred candidate,
Mate basoidan, amiable Muslim defeat tgahaga purnama, basuki Christian candidate who was running
Post, after a campaign dominated by hardline religious tone. Since then gained groups
And essential in WINS
Where the ability to mobilize legions is an important factor
Radical Islamic force and momentum
Overwhelming basoidan. However, there was a backlash from moderate Muslims who feel
Concerned by the potential to undermine the conservative Islamist militants for religious tolerance in Indonesia.
Alkathath attaches a strong protest movement against purnama, Widodo ally during the months preceding the elections.
Governor after calling police to former Governor background on charges of pornography. Afterward,
At the end of March (March), alkathath police took from his room in a hotel to a prison, where
Alkathath managed to send a letter to his supporters,
Still there. Some weeks later, specifically election night
Said: «I am knocking on the doors of heaven from solitary». And was hoping to feel «all these Muslim hearts
Chimes, the chimes of the Muslim Governor selection dissuade them «». However, not all the hearts of Muslims.
In the election battle.
To achieve basoidan victory
Those chimes, but the number of hearts that felt it was enough.
Marked the electoral campaign, which had cost a lot of money, with the participation of the largest crowd of conservative Muslims since
So long, as well as the Indonesian Government attempts to intensive and controversial legal to restrain drive
Radical Islamic groups. And now, after the election, says a lot of moderate Muslim leaders
They look upon it as a call to be alert to the growing influence of Indonesian radical groups, and the need to
Take a firm stand to prevent. Says sidrato danosobroto, a former President of the Shura Council, one
The identity of the candidates who won, but from groups that
Prominent advisers to the President: “I’m not worried.
Backed by such as FPI and HT». He said Mohamed Noor Zaman, head of research
The strategic movement of «Oh» moderate Muslim youths, saying: «Islam is different from how to photograph
FPI him». It is worth mentioning, that the movement was working with the police against Muslim groupings
In an attempt to control the extremists over the past few weeks, police officials, with the help
Nationalist groups in the town of smarangh, Central Java, Islam defenders front from opening a branch
Over there. Ewan said santoso, a representative of the Group «red-white», which symbolizes the colors of the flag
Indonesian: «our city a city of tolerance, and we don’t want exciting and enticing students». It seems that the police in
East Java during the current week to encourage Muslims or moderate nationalists organized effective prevention
One of the universities include hosting saiao, Felix Chinese Indonesian who converted to Islam, and became
On his “Facebook”, saying:
Prominent preachers hardcore. And had complained in a video recently uploaded
«Must be our state law, should apply to everyone.
On the other side, calling for moderate Muslims, and civil society organizations to ban groups and organizations
The Islamic Caliphate State calls. Semi LISU those groups the Communist Party
Indonesian is a scarecrow return to a bygone era in the history of Indonesia. Said: «that the goal of the Communists.
And supporting the Caliphate State alike, where they both want to be ruling the world under the banner of one system».
Police announced yesterday that it will review the legality of placing HT because this Islamic entity
International idea of succession. Mohamed Ismail yusanto protested, party spokesman here,
The Indonesian Constitution. He said in
It said that the party’s goal of establishing succession would not violate
Interview: “all we do is to spread the teachings of Islam. Well, he talked about the possibility of amending the Constitution. Has been banned
HT in much of the world, including Germany, China, and Egypt, as well as a lot of States
Arabic, but it works in a democratic Indonesia for nearly 20 years.
Some activists opposed to banning the party, where he says, Andreas harsono, representative of human rights organization
Watch in Indonesia, although the party ideology based on racial discrimination against
And religious minorities, does not mean that it should close this entity. She said: «not
Women and homosexuals
That matter «complex». Harsono concern really
The law to say: «I want discrimination against women,
Dissenting opinion
The Indonesian Government’s attempts go after leaders of extremist Islamic groups don’t charges concerning their activity
G. The police questioned Habib rizieq, who was one of the most important
, Or indictments indifferent
Islam at all.
Militant leaders in the country, to