Resume the evacuation of beleaguered Syrian towns.


Hundreds of people continued on their way to their final destinations after a hiatus of about 48 hours spent on their buses after evacuation from Syrian towns caught in a broad process witnessed a bloody explosion days ago, comes within the framework of the implementation of the first phase of evacuation of the besieged towns of Syria’s virulence and kefraya afraid walsbdani.

The first phase included evacuating approximately 11 thousand people in two waves, the first person and second person 3300 7200, under agreement between the Syrian regime and opposition groups, and the second batch of buses waited after evacuated Wednesday in separate crossing areas on the outskirts of the city of Aleppo.

And stopped 45 of virulence and kefraya since Wednesday morning in the adult area controlled by the opposition, West of Aleppo, and 11 bus from Damascus since Wednesday evening in Al ramouseh area controlled by security forces near Aleppo.

He said the Syrian Observatory for human rights Director Rami Abdelrahman Friday “bus resumed its way towards its final destination, the majority of buses arrived carrying the virulence compatriots kefraya to Aleppo, still nine buses waiting in the adult area, according to Abdul Rahman, recalled that all went to Damascus bus areas controlled by opposing factions in Western rural Aleppo, Idlib governorate, Syria’s opposition strongholds, and essentially stopped buses were waiting for the release of detainees in the prisons system.

The process began last Friday with the evacuation of five thousand people of virulence and kefraya and 2200 mdaia walsbdani, but she stopped four days after the bombing lasted virulence convoy kefraya in the adults killed 126 people, including 68 children, and resumed the evacuation Wednesday with three thousand people of virulence and kefraya and 300 towns in Damascus.

United Nations Special Envoy stressed to Syria Staffan de Mistura to bombers claiming relief staff, and said that “someone pretended to distribute aid and this latest terrible explosion after attracting kids.”

Fearing a new explosion, was the second evacuation amid tight security of opposition in the adult area, complete the second phase of the evacuation process in June, according to the Observatory, involving evacuation of 8000 virulence kefraya and towns Damascus controlled by opposing factions.