Restore State land razed city quarter million m²


Removed the Medina region represented in the largest Opal municipality website has been infringed by unidentified people within the municipality.

Alhagori Ali said the Mayor that victim spaces (250.000.000) two hundred and fifty m 2, the anonymous put some drums and alspock and walakom alhagori and dirt block that competent authorities have removed the correction facility located in Red Lion (j) South of the dessert, adding that parking specialists on site in cooperation with security patrols and remove all infringements.

By another Secretariat called upon people not to buy from marketers to imaginary lands and report any encroachments on public land by calling unified operations (940) or via the application Secretariat in smart devices (Android and Apple store) or via the Secretariat certain social networking account that will remove any attacks on Government land.