Research campaign to filter «men benefit»


The assassination came Commodore Kenneth alshhatri nephew of ousted President Saleh and Al-Mahwit province Security Chief Brigadier Ali Saleh Ghani in ambush to implement threat by houthi rebel leader Abdulmalik Al-houthi to filter what the fifth column named almanzoin under Saleh’s cloak and GPC pending coup partner can benefit from reply to Uran after this incident, although many observers confirmed Saleh’s inability to respond.

There are tensions between the Parties following the implementation of the two sides to follow each filtering operations in some provinces controlled by the coup.

And was preacher mlshia supporters have massed in the Airport Road East of the capital Sanaa last Sunday in a demonstration to demand the application of what is called the emergency law in the areas under the control of putschistes and find justification for excessive repression against Yemenis especially silent class of Congress.

Observers said that the emergency law enforcement supporters, the militia’s desire is to distract the Yemeni focus on field and moral defeats and retreating on all fronts under the blows of the legitimate forces and Arab Coalition supporting legitimacy.

The observers confirmed victories militia army in the iron coast, and mukha binging in Sana’a and other fronts is the real reason behind the madness of the coup and militias to declare what is called a State of emergency.

They added that houthi militia demonstration also aimed to confirm their desire to be alone manage State institutions away from Saleh and his party.

They noted that Congress has become a spectator on the uniqueness of the huthi militia resolution and his inability to respond to successive slaps from huthi and his gang.

Houthi militia were imposed last Friday speeches in most mosques Amanat one content from the first grade to their ally Saleh loyalists conferences nominated Abdulmalik Al-huthi recently fifth column.

Observers felt that this mobilization in mosques come in anticipation of any possibility of directing people’s Congress-led provinces controlled by the putschists for supporters to rebel against the houthi leadership decisions and directives on the battlefronts, common to launch the term “fifth column” and recited in mosques and the media threat but direct conventioneers naysayers obey the directives of the houthis.

Leader of party favor recently revealed create Uran to blacklist the names of Alvin from media conferences, activists and journalists were being targeted liquidation and jail and enforced for the column.

He admitted that the right Street Conference indignant voices started deprecatingly houthi practices and trying to blur all political forces involved them in their political and sectarian related to Iran.

And increased the anger of supporters of deposed in favor of trying to capture everything Uran allies in Sana’a, observers noted the increase in criticism and elements of the popular Congress party leaders to conduct the houthis Leger everything in the State and even the military forces of the ousted President of huthi’s project service.

One of the journalists said the GPC: it is “no longer in front of the only complainant conferences and yelling towards low delinquency and predominance of the preacher and militia and revolutionary people’s committees, which exerts dominance even over their Minister in the coup Government, meaning they have become mere tools of huthi’s project”.

He noted that “many followers of the ousted President are starting to bite the fingers of remorse on the suspicious Alliance houthi enemy yesterday, but having been trimming their nails and hands were no longer only stunt crying and complaining accompanied Panin and undergo humiliating”.

The houthi militia raised to the Attorney General the names of 26 journalists and political activists including Mohamed softest editor «Charter» Congress mouthpiece to pursue them and arrest them.

It prosecuted and threatened a dozen activists and politically by the security apparatus of the houthi militias in the provinces of Sana’a and Dhamar August.

Newspaper «Charter» Congress Party have increased criticism against the militias claim representatives of the party in what is called the Government rescue to leave Government and not stay to pass hack walhothnh scheme, implemented by the militias in the organs and institutions of the State through the establishment of tens of thousands of militia elements in the army and the State administration for systematic exclusion of all party leaders and cadres of government action.

Information sources showed: that the benefit under enormous pressure by his party’s leaders to take a stand against the excesses of huthi’s militia while giving maximum concessions to Uran in fear.

The newspaper described part of the identity of the preacher’s militia called the National Salvation Government Chief Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor as nothing more than a valid precision nail in a wall guarded by a handful of partnership hothh affash Al who fell in the swamp Hamran eyes, which facilitated the task of bin Habtoor in launching a new phase of corruption. “