Remove the alkhadshh literature of the walls of Mecca.


Ameen said for public relations and communication Dr Samir bin Abdul Rahman entrusted to remove trade-distorting algdrayh writings landscape, within the framework of the campaign “in the service of Mecca” and carried the Holy capital municipality currently in revival of Mecca.

He entrusts the Secretariat had intensive plan within the campaign in cooperation with mayors and service centres, including the city hygiene and care of the squares and parks and conducting repairs to streets and sanitation control lighting and other municipal services, where municipal teams began implementation of the plan is divided into stages, designed in its entirety to rehabilitate houses and carry out various municipal services.

Dr Samir was assigned Wednesday evening and events within the campaign do blur the writings of a number of public facilities such as parks and municipal arenas and schools and in a number of locations scope shehar municipality, participation (10) volunteer teams and public administration and social services safety and facilities maintenance management and a number of area schools, noting that the campaign to promote this individual behaviors, which distort the landscape, stressing that protection of public property of tampering is a priority of the campaign targets Implemented in partnership with the community, by spreading this culture and preserve these places comes from the standpoint of social responsibility.

In the same context and within the campaign itself, the Secretariat has formed a number of pest control field teams, (24) contingent of (120) technician, equipped with about 50 cars car spraying household and automotive null and a campaign on houses and mosques, which covered more than (1200) residential unit and (23) building under construction (14) mosque, using approximately (7000) litres of pesticides.

Newly assigned concluded stressing that the campaign to praise Allah has achieved positive results in the implementation of various services in its second phase, which included the scope of shehar municipality, while the first phase covered the Batha region quraish, pointing out that all districts of Mecca will be covered in the next phases of the campaign.