Remove 12 homes at random in Mecca


Alshauket municipal abuse Commission implemented subsidiary Mecca campaign to remove a number of infringements and irregular sites and buildings and in random ways legitimate instruments owners suspicion, with participation of municipal police and criminal investigation and the number of employees of the security services in the capital.

The mayor said alshokih Eng sub mamdoh Bin Mohamed “the Iraqi campaign included a number of positions in the charts of the area after being spotted irregularities, was removed (12) home against wahoshh and random routes and station tanks.

He stressed that the municipality will not tolerate in its duty to remove any irregularities or abuses and will continue its functions to remove any encroachments sites without delay or complacency, stressing that there are directions to follow up on violations and remove any encroachments on public land and property, and that the municipality has numerous field teams that work to monitor all neighborhoods and housing schemes to curb the spread of such negative phenomena.