“Reform implemented 16 guests program in cooperation with education and neighbourhood centres


Grandfather correctional Department implemented over the last few weeks of sixteen guests training programme, in cooperation with the Department of education and neighbourhood centres in Jeddah.

The Director of the Division for rehabilitation and reform of public administration to reform his grandfather “Hannan”; he had benefited from training programmes and workshops and specialist lectures over “2000” inmate, in collaboration with distinguished employees of the Department of education, Association of neighbourhood centres in Jeddah.
He submitted “Bakhash was preparing training programmes and workshops to all age groups, with a focus on young people aged 18 to 25 years, centered on self development and self confidence and instilling citizenship, in addition to many lectures and workshops aimed at behaviour modification and attacking negative thoughts positive cognitive methods designed to fix the inmate to go out to his family and the positive coexistence with society.
He noted that there are systemic incentives and facilities to attend training courses and tutorials as a promotional incentive from other guests, and to be competing and eagerness of guest interaction with rehabilitation programs.
Grandfather correctional Manager, for his part, said he “Fayez Al-ahmari” thanks and appreciation to the Department of education in Jeddah, and neighbourhood centres Association and outstanding training group which prepared and implemented a simplified training bags with easy-to-understand scientific value and interact with them.
Affirmed the General Directorate of prisons inmate time works to interest him through various programs offered, starting from 8:00 a.m. and ends at the end of the night school at about 9 pm.