Red Crescent lecture about infection control


In the framework of the ongoing cooperation between the Saudi Red Crescent Health Ministry organized a lecture entitled body fight infection, in collaboration with the infection control Department of the Ministry of health on Wednesday morning to Headquarters, and will last for two days, with the participation of more than 23 doctor and technician of the employees of the Commission.

This lecture aims to train doctors and rehabilitation authority of professionals as instructors certified in infection control by displaying basic standards to prevent infection, with the formation of a Joint Committee between the Saudi Red Crescent and the Ministry of health to make preventive measures of infection would convert future medical Protocol for infection control in accordance with the best international standards and experiences in this field.

It is worth mentioning that these courses and lectures in infection control began as an initiative of the Saudi Red Crescent, where the first lecture branch Riyadh region since more than eight months to turn into a comprehensive program for all branches in the Kingdom, to train and educate body employees regarding infection control, especially if this requires emergency action procedure, mixing with ambulance technicians and doctors to patients with infection in the course of duty.

A number of participants expressed by employees of the body deep happiness that this awareness lectures to return them at infection control and preventive procedures in their field.