Red Crescent establishes workshops to develop disaster management plan «»


Among the concerns of the Red Crescent Authority established development workshop on development of “disaster management plan”, with the participation of a group of specialists and consultants in hospitals and universities of the Ministry of health and education and the Red Crescent on Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the General management of training.

The workshop comes the beginning of a nucleus of several workshops during the coming period, through the participation of many specialists and consultants in the field of emergency medicine and disaster management to integrated disaster plan working thoroughly natural and other disasters, to be evidence of disaster management at the level of the Kingdom.

Today’s workshop included on several axes was notably, review the current situation of the emergency plan, determine which requirements and gap analysis through scientific discussion, exchange views and proposals in addition to building a framework for determining the readiness of disaster management body.

It is worth mentioning that the Red Crescent is working continuously on the development of disaster and emergency plans periodically, and make use of the best scientific and practical experience in the relevant authorities through such workshops, seminars and conferences, which would directly contribute to raise the level of work in the field of emergency medicine and disaster management.