For these reasons. Beware sitting for long periods!


A recent study found that sitting for more than 6 hours a day makes you more vulnerable to the risk of death due to health problems _ as seizures _ heartfelt, and diabetes, obesity and cancer by 50%.
So we recommend that you do not sit for long periods, especially the human body _ features a 600 muscle and 206 to move to enjoy better health.
Following are seven health risks result from sitting for long periods without movement, according to the website “boldskai” on health:
1. when sitting for a long time, the pancreas secretes large amounts of insulin, which makes you prone to diabetes.
2. also hinders the flow of blood to the brain _ which negatively affects brain function.
3. subject you sit all day to hardware problems _ tract k constipation, bloating and stomach _ acidity.

4. also affects the spinal column _ to not get the necessary blood to muscles, resulting in pain in the neck and back.
5. in addition to the accumulation of fat in the arteries to the detriment of heart health.
6. weakening sit for long bones, making them vulnerable to fragility.

7. the opposite of complacency and laziness, if you keep your body active relaxation, sleep better, and helps the activity in preventing cancers and depression, in addition to acquiring and maintaining the bones and muscles and blood pressure regularly.