Ready for a ‘food crime’ at this prison-themed cafe?


Its themed menu includes prison-inspired names for a variety of dishes
What’s like eating inside a prison? Only who have served a prison term would know the answer, but in Egypt, a jail-like cafe has been opened recently.

The cafe in Cairo is designed to make one feel like they are having food inside a prison cell.

Handcuffs and iron chains which can be found in the dining area of the cafe.

The restaurant, named ‘Garemet Akl’ or ‘Food Crime’ in English, serves authentic Egyptian street food. Its themed menu includes prison-inspired names for a variety of dishes, according to an Al Arabiya English report.

The dish sizes also have interesting names. A large size of dish is known as “execution,” the medium sized one is a “life sentence,” while the smallest is only a “precedent.”

Ahmad Hamad, one of the restaurant’s owners and the man behind the name, told Al Arabiya the place has been set up this way to be “attractive and different.”

He said: “Guests are usually surprised by the surroundings . They tell us you haven’t missed out on any details of the inside of a prison cell.”

The handcuffs, leg chains, hanging ropes and other items were hard to buy, he said. This prompted the owners to have them designed especially for the cafe, Hamad said.

Diners are also given the chance to capture their own mugshots at a Photo Booth inside the cafe. “That’s the bit many of our visitors enjoy the most,” Hamad said.

Hamad said his main goal is to continue to serve food of “great quality to keep impressing our guests.”

The cafe, however, has been frowned upon by some people, who felt the whole idea of a prison-themed dining place could seem insensitive to prisoners.

Hamad said: “We do not intend to be disrespectful to anyone. This whole thing has been done in good spirit and humour.”