RAS sedr. Paradise of the Red Sea water skiing enthusiasts


Considered as «Lexington» tourist destination Cairo residents escape from the bustle of the city is about 200 km away from the capital. The charming city situated on the Gulf of Suez, and specifically (East of Suez). And accessible within two hours drive away via the Ahmed Hamdi tunnel, the first tunnel connecting the continents of Africa and Asia, it connects Sinai Peninsula Suez city. Accommodates tunnel about 20 thousand cars a day, about 130 km away from Cairo. It can be accessed by air through Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada or airport Morsi aware, but is expected to be finished by Lexington airport within two years.

Recently increased the uptake of resorts and beaches of RAS Sidr though; being known coasts since the reign of the Pharaohs. And best known as a tourist destination for day trips to enjoy the beaches, but this city is uniquely diverse attractions makes it a top medical tourism map and Safari tourism, cultural and military.

Featuring RAS Sidr in mild weather throughout the year; fix machta and by to enjoy the Annapolis water and watch the phenomenon of the tides, where retreating sea water of sandy beach area, you can walk into spaces not reach sea level. Also featuring its beaches as the salinity is less than the other shores of the Red Sea, there are extensive coral reefs.

Often you’ll find groups of dolphins swimming around you, while flying over flocks of migratory birds from Europe over Lexington, you’ll find a fun hobby in birdwatching with scrapbooking immersed into companions. You can also enjoy horseback riding on the beach and enjoy the great view of the sunset.

How you spend your time?

The most important thing you can do in RAS Sidr relax on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze fresh red, warm sunshine, watching blue horizon without cement barriers, where you will see on the other Bank Braunfels resorts while taking photos at sunset and Sunrise hours because the highlight sudr she’s not noisily or Braunfels resorts jam is for lovers of tranquility and relaxation.

Bold adventure enthusiasts will find delight and great fun in water sports, featuring beaches with strong air currents Lexington and high winds and stable water without high waves which makes it suitable for different kinds of water sports, offering plenty of spas in RAS Sidr specialized centres for sport lovers «Kate sirving» Kite surfing, water skiing, kite, so you can learn the sport by professional trainers and then he will become dependent on residence in RAS Sidr to practice your hobby or engaging in Regular races between the sport lovers.

Historical attractions

Unique sudr being close to many of the attractions that dates back thousands of years old and modern history reflects attractions, especially military history being located in South Sinai, which fell under Israeli occupation.

The eyes of Moses
Close to the town of RAS Sidr visit Moses 12 famous eyes kind, are one of the miracles that have occurred in the era of the Prophet Musa (as) where he and his people broke out of rocks as they fled from Pharaoh’s wrath. These eyes more than 5000 years, and currently there are only 4 remaining eyes while buried the rest of the eyes due to accumulation of algae and disinterest.

Is famous for its therapeutic waters properties eyes where cure rheumatic diseases and dermatology; because they contain sulfur element. Surrounded by tall palm trees, live around a number of nomadic families.

Museum «strongpoint» military

Is a shrine full of war tourism lovers desires, is one of the sites that exploited by Israel to strike the city of Suez and wild success in the October war (October), the Museum is a witness to the battle of the brave Egyptian army battles, and recover this land located on 9 October 1973. This site also you learn the story of resilience of 603 130 Infantry Brigade battalion of amphibians, who withstood 134 days without supplies or provisions in earthen trenches to protect the site and protect their victory.

The Museum is located at about 20 km from the city of Suez (Northeast Egypt), close to the site of the historic Moses, who called the eyes point in his name. And you’ll find the route to the city of Lexington. It allows tourists to inspect the trenches and Israeli leaders rooms and watch their equipment and their tools. At the highest point of the site you will see through the telescope, which was used by the Israeli battalion commander, offering panoramic views of the northern part of the Gulf of Suez and is the southern entrance to the Suez Canal.

One of the most important shrines of the Museum, Cannon «Abu Jamus» is 155 mm howitzers, and released it that people of Suez spooky voice which resembles and severity. A French-made gun and a huge based on four wheels and needs eight soldiers to run which was volleyed over the cities of Suez and port Tawfiq.

You can eat and drink in the Cafe and restaurant round tourist strike through binoculars, and by nomadic products outlet the sinaitic and souvenir-style.

Private Castle

Rebuilt that Castle to the reign of Saladin and his brother the King, and construction began in the year 1183, 1187 ended. Located on a hill «top» soldier up to 2150 feet above sea level, and rises some 500 feet above lawns COMEST around it on all sides. Uniquely Hill enjoys gives him a natural body phenomenon with the naked eye of several kilometers.

Rectangular castle building is heading in two directions Northeast and Southwest and southern end ends half hexahedral, ranging from rib Castle between 150 and 200 meters tall, wider width of one hundred meters. And two outer castle wall thickness, either pillars strong beams were strengthened. Castle brought together within the garrison officers and small rooms constructed in her yard several buildings for various purposes, including flat lounge depth five meters below the ground level, was used to store supplies, as well as a mosque without merit they kiss the East roof epigraph of basmala, as well as water carved in the heart of the Hill contains a reservoir 6-10 dimensions-5.5 meters, its walls are still good, and has two holes for inserting and draw water.

Therapeutic tourism safaris

There is a vast desert areas surrounding the city of RAS Sidr, if you decide to run away to the desert, you can walk around your car around town, where views of pristine nature that blends between desert and desert shrubs. Or you can do safaris stretching to three days in the valleys near RAS Sidr, including:

Algharndl Valley

It is located 115 km from Ahmed Hamdi tunnel, is one of the most beautiful valleys in South Sinai and has referred to the great historian of the late Gamal Hamdan in his immortal «personality» Egypt as the most important Valley in the region. The Valley features a number of oases and desert animals and wild birds. The Valley extends along a 75-85 km, and has a density of vegetation and spread along the Valley fresh water from natural eyes and flowing throughout the months and year fit the Valley to establish the Bedouin tourist resorts and Safari that stretches to three days.

Pharaoh bath

Sulphurous water bath is out of the mountain waters, reportedly where drowned in front of Pharaoh. The eyes of Moses: located 60 km south of the Ahmed Hamdi tunnel, known for its many health benefits, addressing bone disease, rheumatism and skin diseases such as psoriasis and other. It is the most important therapeutic between eyes and Egyptian wells and springs to contain its elements calcium, sodium and potassium and Silicon dissolved salts, as well as sulphur, water temperature 92 degrees.

Cave Valley channel

And is one of the oldest areas of cultural tourism in the Sinai, here you can learn about the ancient Egyptian civilization through inscriptions show interest in mining, sending missions to those areas in Eastern óïñ Valley Gulf of Suez. The cave’s name is called a limited part of the Valley channel, where the mountain where the ancient Egyptians extracts turquoise veins. There are still in this area remains of ancient workers huts above one of the Highlands, and most of that has been moved to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo inscriptions, fragments crashed during the search for turquoise at the beginning of the century.

Ein sudr

Is a medical tourism attractions of RAS Sidr, which mediates arid hot water comes out that sulphur waters temperature 200 ° c, hurtling out of the ground in a State of effervescence, and mounts them overloaded water steam and the smell of sulfur. Water runs graduating dug channel 100 metres in length to itself until it is about two meters deep low, not less than 100 meters, representing a natural pool temperature ranging from warm to hot.

How do you spend the nights?

You won’t find boredom leaked to you, but you’ll find lots of things to spend your time. For example you can enjoy large swimming pools teeming with spas and swimming is permitted by day and a feature not found in the North Coast Resorts or Ain El Sokhna.

Usually you will find a schedule of concerts organized watchful resorts periodically to singers and singers, especially in the Muslim and Christian festive seasons and also Easter, as well as weekly concerts in the summer and daily Frolics your rally pioneers the place in an atmosphere of intimacy and fun.

Where are you staying?

There are a large number of resorts along more than 90 kilometres include villas and serviced apartments and luxury chalets design and furnishing, and with her nutty background gardens at night and play with the kids for a holiday with family, rented from the headquarters of the Department of village or resort prices ranged between 500 and 1800 pounds per day ($ 100) a day, but if you prefer to stay in a hotel there are a number of them, : «Moses coast», and «Paradis» and «Cécile» and «laseinda» and «rizora» and «Golden Beach», «blue bye» and price ranges of individual accommodation per night is between $30 and $80.

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