RapidShare: elections strengthen my position in talks «brikst»


The British Prime Minister said Wednesday: Mae Teresa early elections would strengthen its position in the “most decisive” exit talks Britain (brikst) of the European Union, prepares to ask Parliament to approve elections within seven weeks.

And surprised allies and adversaries Tuesday may announce its plan for the elections which were scheduled for 2020.

She said the former Interior Minister, took over the Presidency of the Government without an election in the wake of David Cameron’s predecessor stepped down after last year’s referendum result in favour out of the Union, it needs to support its position in negotiations that will shape Britain, will test the cohesion of the European Union.

She said in a radio interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) “made this decision because I really think it’s in the national interest,” she said, “If you schedule, and if the elections on time 2020 we will then process the most crucial part of the negotiations. The end of the negotiations, in what will be the beginning of a stage preceding the general election. “

And enjoy with considerable progress in the polls to the main opposition Labor Party, and the British economy defied expectations of a slowdown yet which provide a powerful base for launch towards the elections as some deputies as “opportunistic”.

Experts predict that the ruling Conservative Party could win an extra seat in 100 towards elections in June 8th June which will further support the plan may out of the European Union, is led to a rise in the value of sterling.

She said Mai (BBC) “will not be a second referendum, British people voted last year in favor of leaving the European Union. There will be no retreat. “

As she said, who described herself as “not a combative political review”, it will not participate in television debates before the election favorite talk directly to the voters.

“I believe the campaigns come out really politicians and meet voters. This is what I believe to do and that’s what I’m going to do in this campaign. “

Britain is expected to leave the European Union in March 2019 according to the current timetable, if early elections will not have to face the voters again until 2022 what gives it a wider margin for manoeuvre at the end of the talks off.