Rapid reaction forces at the entrances to Mecca. Security centers to catch violators of regulations


Men’s rapid intervention force intensified with exact presence of security stations at the entrances to Mecca, finally, fully equipped and tactical mastery of control and under any circumstances.

The Commander of the special force missions to secure roads in Makkah Brigadier paratrooper Ayed baqmi for «ukadh» plans going as scheduled her first day when the force officers launched their missions so far, through the road security force officers spread along roads leading to Mecca, adding to the calming points scattered along the road, and road security patrols shall clear the way to make sure there is no visitors or need to serve, and periodicals on speed violations and ensure Put the carrier and with him, the offending is transferred to the competent authority.

Bakmi revealed exactly balshmisi security station on the road to Mecca Jeddah Highway 80 thousand vehicles per day into Mecca, pointing out that exact balnwarih Security Center is second in terms of intensity of movement, indicating that highlighted his stop and monitor irregularities and abuses, pursue violators of traffic regulations, and so far the density between light, medium, and not having to convert traffic, and if necessary the conversion on the road to Mecca Jeddah old or by Laith balkaket, if called It’s in the exact Center of security balnwarih motion is converted to Makkah old grandmother via jamoum.

Said: «special forces worked for road security stop points for buses and vehicles carrying more than nine passengers in all axes and roads leading to the Holy capital, intended to stop all vehicles and make sure its passengers and drivers ‘ commitment to regulations and instructions in order to avoid traffic accidents as a result of weather factors and exploding tires, what might cause deaths». Bakmi pointed out that Ramadan plan centered around spreading in sites and major roads coming from outside Mecca across six centres of security centres, is exactly walnwarih balshmisi security centers “and by Leith and Taif Al Hada, Taif road via torrent and Makkah old grandmother», indicating that processing and creation of all websites and supporting individuals and mechanisms for enforcing traffic and security control in preparation for the intensity of movement of vehicles coming to Mecca, use «» began recording traffic violations against violators.

He said: «exactly security centers all keen on the safety and health of pilgrims and visitors so we stopped the trucks that carry food to ensure validity, what offences monitored delivery to the competent authorities at the time, there are 24-hour surveillance through validated and not contravened instructions».

He cautioned that the rapid reaction force were introduced four years ago and are constantly evolving, and each year is increasing personnel training and development mechanisms and potential for doing her duties, stating coordination and cooperation between the security screening points exactly centers of the General Directorate of traffic in the event of an intensity or rebound in traffic and facilitating communication is, in addition to the use of cameras and television monitors associated directly with the command and control center with public security, no note field are communicated to monitor work on them and mentoring them.
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