Rabiah: King Salman bridge tender to 37 state


The Chancellor highlighted Royal Superintendent King Salman for relief and humanitarian efforts of Dr Abdullah rabeeah Saudi Arabia in humanitarian work represented by the Centre and to the victims in the world and briefed them on the various projects to the stricken countries and especially in Yemen and Syria.

His Excellency said the number of Russian media on the occasion of the official visit at the invitation of the Special Envoy of the President of Russia for Middle East and African countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail bghadanov, since its inception, the Center was able to deliver aid to many Nations in humanitarian work systematically with international humanitarian law, stressing that the principles established Kingdom works to provide assistance without any discrimination or motivated but motivated by human service wherever, and looking for the afflicted and needy all over the place and offer them assistance.

The Center filed for relief and humanitarian aid to Yemen and housing and environmental sanitation programs and supporting programmes farming and professional water, for all parts of Yemen which have the largest share of aid, benefiting disaster victims in Taiz and Sana’a and Saada and argument and all cities and provinces of Yemen no matter who controlled and assured that the Centre at the forefront of humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen.

According to Dr rabiah, the Center didn’t sit idle in what are difficulties in delivering relief and humanitarian assistance was initiated in cooperation with the coalition forces and Saudi Defense Ministry broke the siege of the city of Taiz, through airdrops of food and medicine, and use the buggy over rough roads to deliver oxygen to besieged areas that are hard to reach, noting the houthi militia’s intransigence in blocking such assistance centre for those affected or looted.

The Superintendent said the King Salman for relief and humanitarian work that the Centre could in short to render old bridges and humanity to 37 countries and have an elaborate network of more than 102 local, regional and international partner to implement more than 191 aid projects throughout the world.