Qatif: adjust the seven workers in contravention


Adjust the Inspection Department Office work in Qatif province during an inspection campaign implemented by Tuesday in cooperation with the Division of the administrative County Police exactly in cultivated district seven expatriates.

Details indicate that six of the workers held the nationality of a State with Arabic fast VII Indian nationals and is anonymously, according to the Labour Office officials all contrary to article 39 of the order, the workers were employed in positions under construction “construction” in the neighborhood, and interrogated and will be handed over to the incoming administration to complete necessary and in accordance with the procedure in such cases.

And the Labour Office campaign comes within sustained campaigns on illegal employment and labour regulations, to correct the market, particularly to formal institutions and companies in the province of Qatif complain of bulk labour working to their advantage and lowering prices and cheating at work in construction, workers typically have an offender outside the Sergeant, and has no specific location you return to him, Mackie said Abu for businessmen “The bulk of employment harmful to the national economy, and control is a very important issue for the private sector, in advance thanks to the employment office in Qatif province. “The presence of loose employment in ways such as Riyadh about zone cheats before them, they are posing as official institutions and such customers that they work in companies, cheating the customer discovers their deception and even comes to the company or organization requesting compensation, be informed that deal with persons not belonging to the facility, and this has been happening,” he said, adding that laltftishih campaigns should continue to throw away the violators and deter them, to preserve the interests of enterprises and the interests of customers. “What the inspectors do appreciated citizens and employers.”

It is said that past campaigns toppled toward 124 against factor in several areas in the province of Qatif.