Putin calls on the world to unite in the fight against “terrorism”


Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the world to unite in the fight against “terrorism”, stressing that Russia can repel any possible aggression in the seventy-second anniversary of the end of World War II.

Russia victory day celebrated on the anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 and especially through the military parade on red square.

Putin, who attended the show, the “lessons of the war forcing us to stay on alert and Russian armed forces were able to repel any possible aggression.”

“The current situation is forcing us to increase defence capabilities but also on an effective fight against terrorism and extremism and neo-Nazism and other threats, it is necessary to strengthen the entire international community.”

The Russian President said that “Russia is open to such cooperation” stressing that Moscow “will always be alongside the forces of peace and those that choose the path of equal partnership.”

The former Soviet Union lost, inherited by Russia around 27 million people during World War II. “Victory 1945 national feelings of grandeur.

Putin said “this terrible tragedy could not prevent her first because the criminal doctrine of racial superiority was tolerated because Grand Union of States,” adding “there was and there will be no force able to defeat our people.”

The Russian President said “we will never forget that freedom of Europe and the long-awaited peace in the world, especially realized by our parents and grandparents and ancestors of our ancestors”.

And a military parade on occasion of victory day is also an opportunity to review Russian military force that the State major amounts allocated.

But this year, organizers were forced to cancel flights by helicopters and planes being usually above the red square because of “bad weather conditions and heavy clouds over Moscow.

In most Western States boycotted the year 2015 military parade on May 9 to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, at the height of tension about the Ukrainian crisis.