Heritage store owners given a crash course


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities organized a program to train private heritage store owners at the King Abdul Aziz historical center recently.
The participants included 29 owners of private heritage stores and people interested in cultural heritage.
Speaking during the launch of the training, Hussein Abu Al-Hassan, deputy president of SCTA, said that the program comes on the directions of Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of SCTA, and aims to develop the work of private museums to maintain the Kingdom’s heritage and develop national tourism.
He said that the program reflects the commission’s interest in developing private museums and achieve high quality exhibits in addition to providing safety and security.
He added that the program also aims to help private museum owners develop their museums and offer them the necessary support represented in facilitating loans from the Saudi Credit and Savings Bank.
These programs will facilitate meetings with experts and promote an exchange of expertise with the owners which will contribute to maintaining the heritage pieces and develop their marketing in addition to spreading awareness about the importance of heritage in the community.
The program included a number of visual presentations and study papers presented by specialists in the heritage field.
The first paper, presented by Saeed Al-Qahtani, adviser of cultural heritage and president of private museums in the commission, discussed the economic aspect of private museums, saying cultural heritage is an important economic resource. He said that investing in it supports the local product and contributes to strengthening stable development in various parts of the Kingdom.
The paper discussed the development of private museums and the preparation of a suitable infrastructure for their marketing, including tourist products. The paper stressed the importance of government and private fund support through funding facilitation for museum owners to develop the performance of these museums.
The second paper, presented by Abdullah Al-Saud, director general of the Archaeological Excavations and Research Center, discussed visitor management, and the importance of providing an illustrated scheme of private museums, to facilitate the movement of visitors inside halls.
The third paper was presented by Abdullah Al-Rashid with the title, “Factors governing trade in heritage.” Through the paper Al-Rashid clarified the licensing mechanisms to trade in heritage.
The fourth paper, presented by Omar Abdulkarim, focused on renovating archaeological pieces in the commission and their maintenance.