Before the Prophet’s mosque: Dunya lit curriculum companions


He said mosque Imam and preacher Sheikh Hussein al-Sheikh – in a sermon: “I lit the world with Allah bless Allah’s Messenger companion curriculum upon him that their curriculum is full and complete delivery of alohein texts.

He added: faith supplies the Muslim community living in the shadow of sharee’ah and be his wishes, according to the directions stated in the book of Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah of his Messenger Allah bless him and in other activities and all actions and all movements and trends, this is for the people of the farmer and righteousness, and the path almkotin and the winners.

He continued: the predecessor of this nation stood where is Allah almighty chose for themselves what Allah had chosen Bill, they got it all right here and her joy and satisfaction of Allah and his good pleasure in the afterlife, it RAM therefore it their way and them to be similar, it is incumbent on believers only catch platforms far from revelation bye pretext, and stand upon Allah and proceeded to rule by their own whims and appetites and desires within Allah almighty, if invited themselves to worldly gains or physical appetites, they consider the judgment. And how should the correct forensic curriculum, and beware of princely bad selves and vanity causes this world decaying immortal soul, he didn’t say to our Lord: “when Allah is better and more lasting would understand.”

He noted the acquiescence of the companions is Allah almighty said: deprived permanently forbidden wine, by saying: “you’re finished”, read on Umar, Allah said, “finished”, and drew his companions in ways, and broke its casks, and they finished it you checked them happier Darrin.