Prominent opposition in supporting the election of the President of Iran again despite the displeasure of voters


Reuters-sources say that opposition politicians linked to reform in Iran intend to announce their support this month to elect a President Hassan Rowhani for another to rally support for him amid the resentment some voters from the slow pace of change and spiritual achieved a landslide election in 2013 based on promises to ease the international isolation of Iran and openness in society. Rowhani was nominated for a second term in front of five other candidates mostly from prominent conservatives in elections on May 19 May to conduct a runoff a week later if no one candidate gets more than 50 percent of the votes in the first round, and established the first political legacy during his spiritual with a historic agreement with global powers to curb Iran’s nuclear program in Exchange for international financial sanctions, but even supportersHe acknowledged that yielded little progress on the level of domestic agenda after he said that Iranians must enjoy the same rights enjoyed by people around the world, and some critics say reformers ruhani neglected issue of curbing the powers of the security forces and reducing restrictions on dress and behavior of modern Iranian meetings, though a spokesman said the leaders of the reform movement in the country’s two former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, head of the parliamentaryFormer man Mehdi karoubi would press voters to support President, said Amir is argmnd ardashir spokesman leaders under house arrest and residing in Paris, the two leaders “as in past elections will strengthen the candidate supported by the pro-reform faction.” said another source close to opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi will announce support for psychic a few days before the vote in the May 19. “spiritual received already support theFormer President Mohamed Khatami, who is considered the spiritual leader of the reformers, who declared his support for President via their website on Tuesday. It is prohibited to broadcast stations, newspapers and posted a picture of the former President or his name, and many voters will reformers to instruct Mousavi and Karroubi, who’ve been voted for President in 2009 when protesting the conservative candidate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad win the Presidency for the largest demonstrations in Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979, and the two men under house arrest for six years although they didn’t bye our hands are a crime. And reformers eager for their declarations online headquarters of house arrest, said Maryam Zare (19) is an Iranian will make her voice for the first time in the upcoming presidential elections will vote only if instructed by Karroubi and Mousavi. “I’ll vote for whoever supporters.” others said they would support a psychic but reluctantly. Murad bhmanish, is a music teacher in the central city of Yazd “that part of the enterprise. We are forced to vote for echoing the lighter. What happened to the spiritual promises to release opposition leaders from house arrest? “. * Aoloiatoslahiat limited elected President according to the system of Government in Iran as constrained by the Supreme Leader position power he has held since 1989, no conservative cleric Allah Khamenei. spiritual presidential period President warned Khamenei supported the nuclear agreement. But it turns out that convince the Supreme Leader to accept the most important social changes difficult. some spiritual allies he can now achieve more progress in domestic agenda if he wins a new mandate and clear a second term of four years because his victory would prove to conservatives that people want change, said a government official who asked not to be named, spiritual “Iranians want to be free and live freely. They don’t oppose the Islamic Republic. People will continue to fight for their rights. “but international groups defending human rights activists in Iran say that very few steps taken toward greater social and political freedoms during the first spiritual state. And dozens of activists and journalists languish and bloggers and artists in jail for political reasons, and usually refers to spiritual has no jurisdiction on such arrests carried out mostly conservative and dominated by the Elimination of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, said rida (28 years), is a corrective stint in prison after the 2009 elections and full anonymity for security reasons “lost hope in a spiritual capacity to reform the country. His primary focus was on the economy and not on improving civil rights. “the President achieved some successes on promises of easing restrictions on Internet but access social networking sites under the officially banned although the psychic wekhamnaei and other officials have their own accounts on Twitter, Human Rights Watch said last year that Rowhani failed to fulfill his promises to achieve greater respect for civil and political rights. In 2015, said the New York-based Committee to protect journalists and the reporters detained in Iran than those arrested in any country in the world other than China and Egypt, and the authorities did not reveal the total number of political prisoners in Iran. Authorities also arrested 12 people of other nationalities considered accusations by human rights groups said political Louis sharbono Director of United Nations Affairs at human rights watch who wins Iran’s presidential election must take to improve the human rights situation as “grim.” Iran has maintained the highest rate of executions per capita in the world for many years. 530 people executed since last year, many of them for drug-related charges and a number of them spiritual benefit. “Palace of lack of choice other reformist voters as candidates are exposed to the scrutiny of the province, said Saeed leylaz, a prominent Economist jailed under Ahmadinejad for criticizing economic policy and is currently close to the Government of reformist voters will have to judge the psychic in the context of what is possible within the system.