Prisons receive very serious weapons of Iranian revolutionary guards to use against Yemeni citizens.


All the iron-may 11, 2017: Yemeni sources said that huthi militia managed to enter a dangerous shipment of weapons categorized under internationally banned chemical weapons left inside to use against its citizens especially in Hodeidah and charge for the Arab coalition used to embarrass them in front of the international community. Houthi, the sources received last Thursday from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard tracking very serious weapons shipment classified under internationally banned chemical weapons were on board a vessel in international commercial supply coming from Djibouti to the port of Hodeidah-controlled prisons. The sources said that houthi militia sent those weapons guarded a houthi leaders led the military to Taiz city to use fingers to attack the Arab Alliance. She said that the houthi movement came after the Arab Alliance and the legitimate forces of appropriate equipment is complete to free port of Hodeidah from their grip..