What the Prince said about the city , ” the footsteps of the Arabs” program?


Prince Faisal bin Salman, said Amir District # Almedinh_almnorh, the # Khty_arab program revealed the size of everyone ‘s thirst for knowledge of their country ‘s history, indicating during a meeting with the team , ” the footsteps of the Arabs” that the program aroused the interest of the general public.
Amir gave the city thanks to the presenter and the author ‘s footsteps Arab Program Dr. Yahya Eid, pointing out that the city of Medina containing historical sites dating back to the Islamic period or periods preceding the # of Islam.
This works ” the footsteps of the Arabs” team in the fourth season to follow the Prophet ‘s biography in the way and methodology of Dr. Yahya Eid in the field work , which depends on the three pillars of “human, place and # geography.”
Medina initiative
revealed Prince Faisal bin Salman for “Net” initiative they are working with the Ministry of Education to implement the program # Islamic history open so that students take trips to learn about history in his position: ” It is not necessary to read a book but with a history professor and mentor to teach them history in the same locations. ”
Governor of the city explained that the open history Try some # schools, has become more widespread: “We wish to be at the level of the Kingdom so that we host students and students from different parts of the Kingdom so that they spend a week to work on this program.”
He pointed out that the Emir of the city this effort carried out by a group of teachers, historians and owners of service companies and inform all its means.