Prince hollow shepherding 4000 graduation ceremony of the University students


Herding HRH Prince Fahd bin Badr bin Abdul Aziz, Emir of Al-Jouf on Wednesday evening the 11th graduation ceremony of Jouf University students by dormitory town of skaka.

Immediately after his arrival to the party headquarters Royal anthem, and then the party started party rhetorical occasion prepared to recite verses from the Quran, and then watched the audience a Visual presentation on the activities of the University during the last period, then a demonstration of graduates.

Then take the graduate Jalal alrewily Word graduate students, then Director of the University of human d.r. hollow words, then declared the Dean of admissions and registration d. Blues alumni and statistical results colleges, departments and programs in the city of skaka, provinces of the region.

Then he gave his Royal Highness Prince Fahd Ibn Badr ibn Abd-El-Aziz Amir Al-Jouf “word in day of science and knowledge in the stronghold of the bastions of thought and culture on the occasion of the eleventh instalment graduated from Jouf University students and demanded, I express my happiness to everyone sharing their joy on this day which is of eternal days in the life of every alumnus and alumna, also in memory of home and their parents, as well as for the University Administration, faculty, those who offer them Thanks to their efforts, and tell them that this fruit is the result of what you have sowed their recommendation, to do more to see this young God willing in the near future University ranks among the top universities.

Park as his Highness the Emir of the jawf to graduates, wishing them luck in the future of their lives in the service of their religion and their homeland and realize the aspirations of the LAH-Allah bless ya., as Park guardians out relying them their sons and daughters to contribute to the progress of our country and land in the age of Renaissance and prosperity, no trigger and koadh glory youth home snadh lists and stronger barrel, at the end of his Highness wished this University and those of universities all progress and high and home all Azza.

After that the generosity of his Highness Prince Fahd Ibn Badr ibn Abd-El-Aziz graduates excelling, Excellencies attended the Northern universities managers could Bethe, mayors, dignitaries and students ‘ parents.