The Prince of the Congregation comes forward to hail a martyr to be leisurely Rashidi


Progress of his Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad bin Abdul Aziz, Emir of hail prayer worshippers at a martyr of duty corporal leisurely Bin Salem aldamok Al-Rashidi yesterday after ASR prayer of the King Fahd mosque in the city of hail.

And received his father and uncle and siblings and relatives of Shahid, condolences to the homeland and to his family, assuring parking wise with Shahid, Allah almighty to accept him with the martyrs and the siddiqun that compensates home habitable heroes continue to defend the country and provide models similar hero Shahid be scapegoated leisurely Rashidi Allah’s mercy.

Through with the martyr thanked his Royal Highness Prince of hail on the condolences and sympathy, which embodies the deep links between leadership and citizen, we pray to Allah to keep this nation stands tall and secure, and that Allah accepts martyrs of the nation and cast them the highest heaven.