Prince of the city invites graduates of Islamic University to spread the culture of moderation


Invited his Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Prince of Medina, Islamic University students to be ambassadors for the intermediate approach of moderation.

Prince Faisal said: I hope to spread the message of Islam’s moderate in your country and to walk on the moderation approach be provided with during your studies in this tutorial created by the Government of Saudi Arabia to support the message of Islam and Muslims in different countries of the Islamic world, and we are pleased that today we see many university graduates who have senior are important positions in their country.

And he added: you are ambassadors and advocates for moderate Islam curriculum introduced by the Prophet Allah upon the mercy of the nation and to the principle of fraternity and equality among people.

And emphasized that the Government custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz airport – save Allah – continue to support the world’s first academic edifice which means Islamic studies and learning to students of Islamic knowledge to spread the message of Islam and its teachings of practicing, it came during patronizing 53 graduation ceremony of University students attend the Vice-his Royal Highness Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Sheikh Mohammed reviewed March of nationalities of students which included representatives from over (120) nationality from various countries around the world, and handed His early students who represent different stages of education certificates of excellence.

Sheikh Mohammed inspected after the concert Festival of peoples and cultures, organized by the University as part of the capital city of the Islamic tourism 2017.