Prince of Asir region Council chairs meeting at the second regular session


He expressed his Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Asir on its behalf and on behalf of all the sons of Asir deep thanks and gratitude to the custodian of the King Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and his Highness the heir and his Highness the Crown Prince-Allah bless them-, on the Royal command, which would accelerate development and welfare of the citizens in various fields.

This came during a meeting room at the terrace in the Emirate on Tuesday, the first District Council meeting at its second regular session of the year 1438/1439.

And bless his Highness Prince Asir meeting set at the outset of his Royal Highness Prince Mansour bin miqren bin Abdul Aziz Deputy Amir Asir, wishing him success in his duties entrusted to him, stressing that his mapping plus region through its sincerity and dedication in performing the work.

He added “bless to all successful efforts by government agencies and institutions within their participation in appropriate Abha tourism capital of Arabic 2017 m, culminating the efforts succeed and reflected positively on the Asir and economically”, adding that the warrants on all do more to be a permanent tourist face difficult throughout the year, valuing the attendance and participation of a number of Ministers and your Highnesses princes, Ambassadors of Arabic people in this celebration.

And his Highness Prince Faisal Ibn Khaled on the importance of implementing the approved programmes of events throughout the year as everyone aspired, inviting people from all walks of life to actively participate to invest the occasion and to support the development of tourism in Asir.

Worhab his final approval to create the heart Center in Asir valued (190) million, and efforts to follow create exceptionally with competent, looking forward to this project of the leading advanced centres to serve the children of the region.

Sheikh Mohammed then reviewed the agenda for the meeting, privy to highlight the minutes and recommendations of the committees of the Board.

And gave King Khalid university rector Dr Faleh bin please Allah pacifist culture and Education Committee Chairman made a presentation on the highlights of the Committee’s recommendations that emphasize synergy between stakeholders to realize the aspirations of young people in the region, through the development of plans and programmes and involve youth along with training courses and sports during the holidays for their time with what works for them, in addition to encouraging young people to volunteer in various areas, cultural seminars and educational and training programmes and activating the role of folklore which is famous for its region by reviving Heritage youth teams participation in festivals especially in summer times, the work of specialized courses in the field of creativity and innovation to stimulate students and support for internal and external reviews, noting the need to exploit the festivals and celebrations that are held in the region and highlight the capacity of young people to organize and participate, and provide venues and sports arenas in the region and to coordinate with the General Administration of sport to discuss the possibility of taking advantage of them.

The peaceful and added that the Committee endorsed lifting the region’s education director about a study association concerned with persons with disabilities in different categories and provide comprehensive services for this category and give them all their rights, ensuring their system, introducing highlights of programs and events and tourist festivals accompanying chose Calcutta as capital of Arabic tourism 2017 m, and the importance of coordination between the competent authorities for such events.

After that the Secretary reviewed Asir Saleh bin Abdullah judge services and projects Committee Chairman highlighted the recommendations approved by the Committee, including accelerating work in ways that are still under construction inside and outside architectural range along with prioritization of roads in the area, then the Chairman of the Committee on economic development and tourism Abdul Rahman Al hilarious number of recommendations by the Committee in previous meetings, most notably the allocation request number of locations for investment and activate ways to attract investors to the region and tourism marketing.

Then ask the Chairman of the Committee on social responsibility and health services Dr Zayed Asiri highlighted the Committee’s recommendations, which included the allocation of sites for the air ambulance in the area in coordination with the Secretariat of the region and the Saudi Red Crescent by working to receive sites and start the service in the region, in addition to activating the initiative of planting one million trees in the next five years, starting from the urban city of Abha down to all provinces of the region, in cooperation with all the competent authorities.

After that, the Chairman of developmental coordination group good number of recommendations, notably monthly workshops for national transition 2020, and 2030 Kingdom vision.

At the end of the Board, Prince Faisal Bin Khaled working on the records of the committees and the recommendations brought to the Council.