For the prevention of dementia. Drink beet juice


Scientists have found that drinking beet juice before exercising strengthens brain and restored his youth, plus this drink helps to protect the brain from dementia and enhances its functionality, strength of beet juice contain nitric oxide “, which increases blood flow to the brain, according to daily mail.

Commented “Jack rigiski” author of “study of nitric oxide is strong and is concentrated in areas of the body that need so much oxygen as the brain for example. It is said that scientists from Wake Forest University, North Carolina studied 26 cases of men and women over the age of 55 years, suffer from high blood pressure and don’t exercise.

Some participants were given beet juice one hour before walking for 50 minutes on an empty stomach, while the other group has exercised the same exercise without drinking beetroot, repeat this process 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

Scientists found that study, those who drank the juice are more mentally and cognitive health, noteworthy, that scientists from Queen Mary University of London concluded that drinking beet juice “mlllitr 250” daily protects against blood pressure diseases