The most prevalent myths about the human body 8.


Often reserve heritage and beliefs gathered from our surroundings or from parents or relatives and strains credibility as scientific facts, although that fact and science with chopsticks. Some of the “myths” widely spread to become a “medical” knew, but that doesn’t make them of course scientific fact installed by research studies!
Here are some examples of the most prominent of those “myths”:
1. body hair grows more when we fly him:
All of us believe that “myth” is not even some mothers accept shearing their belief that it is true. However, pediatrician and researcher Rachel Freeman, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Aaron Carroll confirmed by the IBELIEVEINSCIENCE site that this is just a rumor, where recent studies have proven that shaving does not affect the intensity or rate of hair growth, plus they tend the outer dead hair and not the inner part neighborhood located beneath the skin, so they are never on the proportion and type of growth.
2. we need 8 hours of sleep daily.
The need for sleep varies for different objects and individuals, although sleep for eight hours a day not bad requirement that information may be invalid when some, but not a rule required when all humans.
A European study has indicated that people who possess a gene known as ABCC9 can sleep for hours, much less than ordinary people, where the same gene was found when fruit flies, scientists were able to control the amount of time to sleep when it flies by manipulation of this gene.
3. reading in dim light ruin eyes
The researchers said Rachel Freeman and Aaron Carroll also reading in dim light does not cause great harm and always to the eye, even though they may cause negative repercussions, but it’s unlikely to cause always change in the work and structure of the eyes.
4. slow metabolism cause obesity
Dr Jim Levine, a researcher in overweight study metabolism when both frail and suffer an increase in weight, missed the result opposite to this lie.
5. cold climate causes colds
Perhaps the fable often worry, as their continued pressing on to wear coats and sweaters in cold days, but Dr Mark Lehner and Dr Billy Goldberg emphasized that catching a cold is not related to being cold, but the culprit is the flu, rhinovirus “
6. the head passes as much heat in the human body
Few of us don’t believe that Cape is which passes a greater amount of heat in the body, but another flag, no temperature rises around the head. And the possible conclusion that running out is not a good idea if you want to stay warm, pediatrician and researcher confirmed Rachel Freeman also Professor Aaron Carroll that “I wear the hat keeps the head warm” mere fairy tale just might be its origin an old military studies.
Recent studies also have shown no correlation between head and low temperature.
7. to get rid of the snake bite you suck the poison
We heard a lot about that first reaction must be done when the Viper sting to suck the venom out, perhaps some movies have contributed to consolidate these “Fable”, but according to doctors it’s stupid.
Said Dr Billy Goldberg and mark Lehner to this Act may lead to a worsening of infection in the wound. Instead, it is preferable to wash the bite with SOAP and water, and not to move the sting area and trying to keep the poison away from the heart, and then get medical help as soon as possible.
You can link the Member being bitten to reduce traffic speed and blood reaching the heart.
8. wake someone walking while sleeping danger.
It seems that just the opposite is true as you awaken anyone sleepwalking. The Dr I Craig, Director of the sleep disorder Center at New York University, said in an interview with the New York Times that the best help we can give to someone who walks in his sleep in returned to his bed.