So prepare Omnia occupation to visit Trump. Exciting details

هكذا يستعد الاحتلال أمنيا لزيارة ترامب.. تفاصيل مثيرة

Source location confirmed, that “strict security arrangements required in preparation for the visit of President Trump constitute a major challenge for Israel”, noting that it will “examine each coffee cup, hundreds of visitors will be evacuated from the hotel.

Among the devices that are preparing for this visit, Israeli police, Shin Bet, State Department, MDA, and Ben Gurion Airport, depending on where he will guard these tens of thousands visit the man from police forces, Israeli airspace will be closed for a short time when no plane that arrives in Trump. “

The site noted that managers of “King David,” in Jerusalem, knew last Friday only, that the hotel chosen to host President trump in the presidential suite.

Hotel General Manager’s statement said, “all the hotel rooms on 22 May 2017 is the arrival of Trump, was reserved in advance, and the biggest challenge was to stop in front of the King David Hotel owners” is telling customers who have booked rooms in advance of the expected date of descent of Trump, they must find an alternative place, taking into account their sense.

“A hotel becomes trapped during visit Trump, keep staff only and secret service forces of the United States to inspect the area and protected, in addition, these forces are killing their televisions in the presidential suite for fear of eavesdropping.

“It is also expected to arrive at the nearby days plane security equipment, especially TVs and even a limousine from America, in preparation for a presidential visit,” according to the site, which reported that “the American guard crew will monitor closely staff in the kitchen while preparing foods, and crossed every meal, a sandwich or a cup of coffee, adding security examination before taking Trump.”

While the main chef in the hotel, it will not prepare any meal in advance, will be the special guard forces betramb a witness during food preparation, “adding:” to act in accordance with these conditions, pressure hot we used to prepare meals for the most prominent personalities in the world, “said.