Preliminary session of psychological care programme Spa hamidieh


Health Affairs Directorate established qurayyat training cycle the training Hall health centre hamidieh to do tasks primary care psychiatric program health centers for primary health care physicians and doctors qurayat, jawf and northern border region by Dr Abdulla alkhathami, Director of primary psychiatric care initiative health centres in the Ministry.

The session was opened by the Assistant public health Word Dr Sultan Al-Otaibi, who stressed the importance of providing psychiatric care in health centres and that contribute to the early detection of mental cases, and alkhathami gave a Visual presentation which explained the role of psychology in primary health care which is the best way to deliver integrated services especially with overlapping membership and psychiatric primary care line represents direct solicitation and I between the individual and the physician. The session was attended by more than 40 trainee and intern which in turn help centres to provide this service in their areas.