Preciously Paris: A new breed of high-end clutches


The world of luxe sophistication survives on a non-stop flow of creative ideas. After all, this is what makes life fun, exciting and rewarding. The one luxury accessory where it is most applied is a handbag — something a woman cannot go outside without — thus experiencing a magical turnaround in its design aesthetic.
The designer responsible for making plush clutch bags, embroidered with the logos of various countries’ currencies and other vibrant and cheeky art forms, is Paris-based Carole Tessier, whose label Preciously Paris seems to have taken everybody by surprise.
Her first stint was as an interior designer, because she had always been passionate about digging into the artisanal practices in France, leading her to study design and decoration at Académie Charpentier in Paris.
Looking to put her interior design skills into practice, she joined the design agency of Rémi Tessier, one of the world’s most influential interior designers, and her husband today. “I teamed up with Jean François Lesage to embroider Rémi Tessier’s furniture collection,” she told Arab News. “This incredible art of embroidery and handmade knowledge fascinated me most. I just fell in love with it.”
Since she wanted to wear it, she decided to experiment with her vintage jeans first, adorning them with crystals, radiant threads and semi-precious stones. “I was wearing them during Art Basel Miami Beach… People liked my jeans so much I started getting personal orders to customize their denim collections.”
Although this business model had the potential to grow, Tessier’s heart and soul was not in it. She was looking for something grand to engage with. That is how the idea of designing clutches dawned on her. “You reveal yourself through your bags/clutches. You may be considered a serious, classic, funny, luxurious or original woman. This is the ultimate fashion accessory for a woman.”
All her creations are handmade, which she says is a rare process nowadays. What makes her designed clutches unique enough to stand out is primarily her use of traditional embroidery techniques with a funny and arty spirit. “This lively mix makes Preciously Paris special.”
Designing such exquisite bags needs a lot of ingenuity, which comes easy to her. Tessier’s inspiration comes from her travels and the contemporary art exhibitions she keeps visiting. “I designed clutches with different countries’ bank notes carved on them, in order to relive that moment when I first traveled to those places.”
Her clutches are symbolic of luxury fabrics that go into making them. “I use Japanese denim, satin and silk velvet. I also collaborate with Toyine Sellers to develop handmade fabrics exclusively for my product line. When it comes to collecting rock crystals, I look nowhere but the famous Goossens company in Paris.”
Pepsi colors are Tessier’s favorites, and she matches them with high-heel shoes to complement her overall look on any given day. “If need be, you can contrast your style with vintage denim jeans. I’m fond of sexy, cool and feminine style.” Every collection of hers is aimed at telling a story that women can relate to. “I always imagine for which kind of event and in which party I’d like to wear my next collection.”
Her precious creations suit the lifestyle of fashionable jet-set women who love handmade products and appreciate the quality craft. “They’re someone who comes across as having an excellent taste of art, but I don’t have a muse as such. I simply love chic women.”
It is not unsurprising that celebs such as Beyoncé, Natalia Vodianova, Lauren Santo Domingo, the founder of Moda Operandi and famous women bloggers have been spotted carrying Tessier’s clutches. “They enjoy the fun spirit mixed with luxury materials and above all the Parisian handmade style. I feel blessed that they like my designs. I’d love that Amal Clooney fall in love with my clutches.”
Tessier’s next collection, which will be on handmade fabrics, is called “It’s Freezing.” It is bound to turn heads. As for bringing new things to her brand, Tessier has one at the moment. “I’ll develop a belt collection to match the clutches, and it will certainly create a nice touch. I can’t wait for it.”